All help and support for our children is valuable

A. Donations in money

ONLY through: Funtalentum Banco Sudameris Savings Account # 90080390860

B. Donation for payroll discount

We make agreements with companies so that their collaborators and the companies make their donation by discount of payroll.

C. Strategic partners in CSR “JOINT GOALS”

Collaborator-Company    1x2  (collaborator donates 1 peso and company owner 2).

Companies can choose us as their Corporate Social Responsibility program generating value between the company and the employee, social awareness in their organization and their leaders and focuses their business on sustainability with articulated and coherent actions such as FUNTALENTUM, which are interrelated with the Mission, vision, values, principles and policies of companies.

D. Godfather Plan

Scholarship or half scholarship for a child. See more

E. Project”Ropero”

The used in good condition can be used “El Ropero”; is a project to help the community and fundraising donated to the foundation, which provides a space to share with other people objects that we no longer use. We donate clothes for babies, children and adults, toys, furniture, technology, etc.

F. Recycling Project

We make an agreement with companies and individuals to donate their recycling. These elements generate income for our support.

G. Christmas dinner

We have a Christmas dinner to present our Social Balance and share our goals and projects of the following year.

H. Our products

We have products (Mugs, key rings, cigarette cups, cup holders, etc.) that we share with you for your donation.

I. Donation Bonuses Sympathy

It supports the education of our children and their future by donating on behalf of a deceased family member or friend.

J. Volunteering and Internships in Colleges and Universities

We receive donations in time for activities and projects of the foundation.


Contact Us

Office: Calle 4G No. 66 A 10
Olaya Herrera Headquarters: Cr 20 No. 24-88 South
Bogotá D.C., Colombia
PBX: +57-1-742 5770

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